Anawim Prison inreach & reunion service

About ‘Anawim Prison inreach & reunion service’

We undertake prison in-reach to the three main prisons which accommodate women from the Birmingham area. These are HMP Foston Hall, HMP Drake Hall and HMP Eastwood Park. We also visit Peterborough when required. This work is funded by a grant from the BIG Lottery and carried out by the prison and outreach team led by Gina Stokes. We visit the prisons weekly on average, meaning that each prison is visited every three weeks. During the visits we support women leading up to their release, helping to prepare them for life in the community. The Re-Unite Programme, which is part of this work, is a partnership with Midland Heart housing association and a replication of the service set up by Commonwealth housing. The principles of the programme are simple - Midland Heart provide a property to the women who we are supporting that is suitable for her and her children, provided that there are no reasons that she cannot have her children back with her within a reasonable timeframe.

This service is part of the organisation called Anawim Women Working Together

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Balsall Health Centre

Location Balsall Health Centre, 228 Mary Street, Birmingham, B12 9RJ
Opening hours
9:00 am to 5:30 pm
9:00 am to 5:30 pm
9:00 am to 5:30 pm
9:00 am to 5:30 pm
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
(Closed All Day)
(Closed All Day)
Transport links

By Car: From A435 Moseley Road: Turn onto Edward road and take the 5th right into Mary Street. From A441 Pershore Road. Turn onto Edward Road and take the 8th right into Mary Street. By Bus: Catch bus number 35 or 35E from City centre to Willows Road, Balsall Heath. Walk up Hallam Street, and turn right into Mary Street – the centre will be just across the road. Alternatively catch bus no 50 from City Centre to Moseley Road, bus stop past Moseley Baths and walk down Edward Road and turn left into Mary Street.

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Balsall Health Centre

Taking on new patients? Yes
Accessibilty Home visits Public transport access Parking Disabled parking Wheelchair friendly Wheelchair friendly Service can provide own interpreter
Costs Service is fully funded
Waiting time No more than 1 week
Treatment time No more than 2 weeks
Languages English Panjabi Urdu
Exclusion information We only accept women at the centre as it is a women's centre; we do not support men

What help is there?

Languages spoken English Panjabi Urdu
Therapy or support
Anger Management Behaviour modification Mindfulness-based stress reduction Motivational Interviewing Offending behaviour programme
Mentoring Peer mentoring
Family or couples
Parenting Skills

About me

Age 19yrs +
What's on your mind?
Relationship problems
Abuse (physical) Abuse (sexual) Abuse (psychological/emotional) Abuse (neglect) Child abuse (physical) Child abuse (sexual) Child abuse (psychological/emotional) Child abuse (neglect) Child abuse (combination) Depression Domestic violence Rape Social anxiety
Difficult feelings
Agoraphobia Anxiety disorder Bipolar Depression PTSD Social anxiety Stress
Bereavement and loss
Bereavement and loss
Dual diagnosis (MH/SA)
Problems with food
Eating disorder
Personality disorders Victim of violence
Unusual experiences/psychosis

Who can benefit?


Where can I go?

Service type
Inpatient (hospital)
Prison health services Rehabilitation services
Community teams
Rehabilitation services Criminal justice liaison services Substance misuse/addictions services (integrated)
Social and life skills support
Benefit claims support Housing support Legal services
Criminal justice services
Forensic community outreach Liaison & diversion Offender accommodation support Offender alcohol and/or substances support Prison in-reach
Place In the community In prison or high security