Change 4 Life

About ‘Change 4 Life’

Change4Life can support your family to make small but significant changes to improving your diet and activity levels. Rather than being a weight loss programme, we want to change behaviours than can cause weight gain, to reverse risks of obesity. We have great apps, resources and activities to help families turn their goals into a reality.

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Taking on new patients? Yes
Costs Service is fully funded
Waiting time No more than 1 week
Treatment time No more than 1 week

About me

Age 0-5yrs 6-18yrs 19yrs +
What's on your mind?
Difficulties with eating
Difficulties with eating
Problems with food
Compulsive overeating

Who can benefit?

Young Adults
Parents, guardians and families

What help is there?

Therapy or support
Digital and self-help
Guided self-help

Where can I go?

Place Online Over phone
Service type
Community teams