Miscarriage Association

About ‘Miscarriage Association’

If you’ve been affected by miscarriage, molar pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy, we hope this website will provide the information that you’re looking for. We hope that family, friends, colleagues and health professionals will find the site helpful too.

This service is part of the organisation called Miscarriage Association

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main office

Location main office, The Miscarriage Association 17 Wentworth Terrace , Wakefield, WF1 3QW
Opening hours
(Closed All Day)
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main office

Taking on new patients? Yes
Costs Service is fully funded
Waiting time No more than 1 week
Treatment time No more than 1 week

About me

Age 6-18yrs 19yrs +
What's on your mind?
Difficult feelings
Depression PTSD

Who can benefit?

Young Adults

What help is there?

Therapy or support
Counselling, psychodynamic, psychotherapy

Where can I go?

Place Online Over phone
Service type
Social and life skills support