Spring to Life

About ‘Spring to Life’

Spring to Life helps people with their emotional well-being using proven therapy approaches. Our professionals offer an outreach service for people over 16 years old, from all walks of life and their communities. We welcome people whose first language isn't English.

This service is part of the organisation called Spring to Life

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Main office

Location Main office, not given, Birmingham, not given
Opening hours
(Closed All Day)
(Closed All Day)
(Closed All Day)
(Closed All Day)
(Closed All Day)
(Closed All Day)
(Closed All Day)
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Main office

Taking on new patients? Yes
Costs Contact services for cost
Waiting time No more than 1 week
Treatment time No more than 1 week

About me

Age 6-18yrs 19yrs +
What's on your mind?
Difficult feelings
Anxiety disorder Depression Separation, grief and loss Sleep disorders Social anxiety Stress

Who can benefit?

Young Adults

What help is there?

Therapy or support
Counselling, psychodynamic, psychotherapy

Where can I go?

Place In the community
Service type
Community teams
Counselling services in primary care